Who we are

coworkingE-Motion is a robotics lab for STEM education and entrepreneurship.  This is achieved through top-tier college and high school students with strong engineering and computer science aptitude.  Students develop products for commercial applications under the tutelage of experienced engineers and scientists.   This unique model harnesses energy of smart student engineers as they work on exciting technologies and learn advanced skills years ahead of their academic training.  Students make and market products just like a start-up, many of which are showcased on our What we make page.

By sponsoring or contracting project with E-Motion, sponsors and customers will benefit from both the expertise experienced mentors and the energy of bright students who are fast learners and eager doers.  Our business model enables us to give our customers and sponsors quality output at a very reasonable cost.

We are always looking for bright students, like-minded angel investors, entrepreneurs, and mentors to join us.  If you are interested please direct your inquiry to emotionrobots@gmail.com.