What we make

These are just some of our current and past projects.  We welcome investor, entrepreneurs, and sponsors to help us take these projects from prototypes to production.  Contact us if this describes you.

Numero:  smart people counter

We live in the busy world where time is money, and yet on average each person will spend up to 2 years of his life waiting in line.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check how long the line is at your favorite restaurants, theme parks, coffee shop, before you go?  Introducing Numero, the smart people counter developed by E-Motion.  It uses a ceiling mounted 3D camera together with robust machine vision and AI to keep an accurate people count as they move about and in and out of the field of view.

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Domo:  eldercare robot

Visitation in the digital age is never better.  Immersive telepresence using your smart phone is here.  With Domo, you can visit loved ones remotely from anywhere that has an internet connection.  Panning and tilting your smart phone to control Domo to see your loved ones and their living conditions.  Above is a Domo prototype operating in telepresence.  The man holding the phone can be anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi access point or 4G/LTE connection.  Domo will be with the person you’re “visiting”.

Nora:  your personal robot

Nora is our first robot “baby”.  Nora is a social robot prototype that can understand voice command, read body gesture, and even emotion.  Nora can drive herself around avoiding obstacles.  The goal of this project is to enable Nora to operate as a home robot.