Don’t waste your time waiting…

We live in the busy world where time is money, and yet on average each person will spend up to 2 years of his life waiting in line.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check how long the line is at your favorite restaurants, theme parks, coffee shop, before you go?

Introducing Numero, the smart people counter developed by E-Motion.  It uses a ceiling mounted 3D camera together with robust machine vision and AI to keep an accurate people count as they move about and in and out of the field of view.

Example usage includes monitor checkout lines, enforce maximum occupancy regulation, take attendance, security and access control, monitor traffic,  event admission and ticket revenue reconciliation.

At E-Motion, our mission is to apply machine vision, AI and robotics to enhance the quality of everyday lives, and is what Numero represents.  We invite people sharing the same vision to invest in us so we can bring Numero to the market.