What is Social Robotics?

pathwaySocial robotics combines the disciplines of social and developmental psychology, brain studies, artificial intelligence and robotics, to develop a robot that can interact with human in intelligent ways, that goes beyond effecting the physical state of the world, but also the mental and emotional state of those robot is interacting.


A social robot can purposefully interact with humans and other machines to achieve specific goals.  A human example of such social interaction is a salesperson, who identifies, approaches and interacts with potential customers for the purpose of making a sale.  The goals can be entertainment, product promotion, information dissemination, direction guidance.  The possibility is only limited by our imagination and ability to create.

Below are the three technologies areas that must be developed to realize a social robot:


The robots will have the ability to learn how to self-navigate within a new environment.


The robots will be able to see, listen, talk, express self emotions, and even evoke emotions in others.  The interactivity capability will extends self-initiated and socially motivated learning.


The robots will be wireless connected to the cloud to access search engine, look up people and find information, as well as enabling human supervisors to interceded social interactions via telepresence.